Recruitment Processes Survey

This survey is intended for in-house physician recruitment professionals. While we know you may recruit for many different positions, this survey is largely specific to physician searches and the processes within the recruitment continuum.

This survey aims to collect information regarding the systematic approach of in-house recruitment teams or individuals to attract and hire qualified physician candidates. Results from this survey are intended to provide a means for in-house recruiters to compare their processes with those of their colleagues.

This survey will look at aspects of the recruitment continuum, which involves the various stages in the hiring process, including planning, sourcing, candidate vetting, contracting, onboarding, and integration/retention. We recognize that not every member of the team is involved in every stage, so we’ve formatted this survey to answer as best you can on behalf of your team.


1. Are you involved in internal or external recruitment?

1b. If you selected “Internal Recruitment”, what type of organization employs you?

2. In which state / province is your organization’s main office or headquarters located?

3. How many physicians and providers are in your organization?
Physicians #
Advanced Practice Providers #
Total Providers #

4. Which best reflects your position?

5. Number of people in your recruitment department?
Recruiters (mainly involved in provider recruitment) #
Support staff (mainly provide support functions) #
Total staff #

6. How many total searches did your team do last year?