About the COVID-19 Impact & Implementation Survey
Industry Insights has created a survey to help its clients assess their members’ perceptions, impact, and action plans related to COVID-19. We are planning to repeat the study every couple of weeks to continue to monitor the situation and sentiment. The next edition of the survey is scheduled to launch on April 6. This is a complimentary study and if your association would like to be a part of the next edition, please contact Scott Hackworth of Industry Insights.

The first edition results are based on surveys collected between Monday, March 16 at 11:00 am (Eastern) and midnight on Wednesday, March 18. More than 2,500 respondents from 25 client sectors and professions participated in the survey.

In an effort to track ongoing changes, the second edition of our COVID-19 Impact and Implementation Survey will launch April 6. We will have a new section regarding the CARES legislation. Results of the study will be published April 10.

About Industry Insights, Inc
Industry Insights is a research and data analytics firm that has been serving the research needs of trade and professional associations, dealer organizations and other affiliated groups since 1980. The firm specializes in providing high-quality research services that assist such organizations in better fulfilling the informational and educational needs of their members.

As a group of CPAs, Statisticians, and IT professionals with decades of experience in providing survey research solutions for trade and professional associations, Industry Insights excels in defining methods and tools that provide relevant and user-friendly information for each client. Industry Insights serves as an objective third party and ensures the confidentiality of respondents’ data. Industry Insights welcomes questions about this survey.

We may also be able to put you in contact with client contacts who could more specifically provide details and context regarding their members’ strategies.

Survey Contact:
Scott A. Hackworth, CPA
Senior Vice President
Industry Insights, Inc.
6235 Emerald Parkway | Dublin, OH 43016
614.389.2100, ext 105