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As we are all aware, the current economic and regulatory climate has brought critical challenges to the defined contribution industry. More than ever, it is imperative to know whether your operation is performing at peak efficiency, and one of the best ways to make this determination is by comparing your organization versus your peers in the industry.

With this is mind, NAGDCA is offering a new member benefit that is available to help you manage your organization more efficiently.

The 2019 NAGDCA Perspectives in Practice Survey is a confidential business study offered exclusively to NAGDCA members. This comprehensive survey is designed to help you identify your organization's operational strengths and weaknesses.

By participating in this study, you will receive access to a suite of online tools and reports that can be used to compare your organization's performance versus similar industry firms. Together, these reports will be your key to improved operational efficiency, and you can only access them by participating in this confidential industry survey.